Master Key System Week 20 ~ Brownies and Crumbs

This week’s webbie brought out in my mind this song by Garth Brooks; it is a song most people probably no nothing about simply because it wasn’t released on the radio. When Mark was talking about the timelines and death it just made an instant comparison in my subby. So I thought I would share it with you here.

Pay attention to the words, particularly the chorus: “There’s two dates in time that they’ll carve on your stone, and everyone knows what they mean, what’s more important is the time that is known in that little dash there in between.”

Now that you have had a chance to listen to that, I will get to the brownies and crumbs. This week Hannel challenged us in our exercise to: “Realize clearly that we are made in his image and likeness; and the only difference is one of degree, that the part must be the same in kind and quality as the whole.”

In my Sit’s I seek to clarify and simplify these statements, to make them more relatable to myself and seek inspiration and guidance as to the deeper meaning. Not only as it applies to my life but also how I can relate it to others in their lives. This is what I came up with this week.
Brownies and Crumbs. Much like my blog about water droplets several weeks ago, I was trying to understand how I related to the Divine, and to others that are fortunate enough to share this existence no matter how short it is.

My mind settled into concentration of being a part of the whole; and being the same in kind and quality. Brownies is what popped into my head! HMMM! Brownies, how can they be related to this Sit or am I just hungry? Since I don’t eat brownies anymore I know it wasn’t because of hunger.So I let my thought take flight with Brownies as a new primary focus for the problem I was seeking an answer to.

If the Brownie is the whole and we set this creamy, indulgent, chocolaty, sugary treat on a nice white plate and then break of a small piece, well a crumb to be more exact, and set it down next to the whole brownie on the plate. We now have a Brownie and a crumb of said brownie. So if we were to eat only the crumb, would it be any less of a creamy, indulgent, chocolaty, sugary treat? NO absolutely not! Just because we removed the crumb from the whole doesn’t mean it becomes dry and tasteless. Does it? It just changes the size, or degree of it’s relation to the whole.

Now most of us big people would scoff at eating just a crumb from a brownie. I mean it’s not even a bite! But to an Ant the crumb would be a whole complete brownie! One that was just as tasty as the whole. So now if we imagine ourselves as the crumb and realize that the Divine is the Brownie…….

Are we truly any less Creative, Loving, or Kind that the Divine? NO! We are the same in kind and quality, the only difference is one of degree! (size) We are simply not omnipresent, His size and reach is simply more infinite, and immeasurable than ours! He pervades every electron of every atom. Every breath we breathe contains atoms and electrons, every morsel of food we power our bodies with. We are a part of that whole!

But as a crumb, society has taught us to be distant, and to not be in Harmonious contact with the Divine mind. With the MKMMA we are learning how to draw ourselves into Harmony with the Source of all good. Or as I like to think of it, we are placing the crumb back onto the brownie so there is nowhere that the Divine (Brownie) begins and we (Crumbs) end; and we know already that the inverse of that is true as well. There is nowhere that the Crumbs begin and the Brownie ends.

Master Key System Week 19 ~ Additions and Subtractions

A few weeks ago we were challenged by Mark and the MKMMA team to ask ourselves, “What am I pretending not to know?” For me it took a while before I really came to an answer on this, and imagine this, it came to me in a SIT!

What I was pretending not to know is this: I only need my own love for myself and God’s love to be Truly Happy!

You see for me that is an epiphany, I realized I knew this when I was a child, but somewhere in my teen years it got lost. I started to think my happiness was hinged on someone else completing me. Another human being in the world without was going to make me happy? Where do you suppose I got that horrible idea from? The river of dreams maybe?

I know the Divine loves me and always has. I have spent a very long time with my back turned to him, thinking if he loved me why did bad things happen. Then a few years ago I came to the understanding that it was my decisions not the will of God that caused my heartaches and pain. I then started to open myself up to him again and what do you know, he was still there waiting patiently shining his light and love on me for those long 20+ years! That is love, unconditional love, knowing that he waited patiently for me to be ready to love him and seek his love again. I am speechless, I am more than capable of love and I have been fortunate in my life to have loved and lost and loved again, but I have never been capable of that kind of love before. Truly unconditional, knowing that he was the one who gave me the free will to decide my own fate and all he could do was wait and hope that I started to get it right somewhere in the future. WOW! It just blows me away!

So that brings me to additions and subtractions; In a SIT this week it came to me that every person we CHOOSE to have a relationship with, (Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Lover, Friend, Associate) Can do only one of two things with regards to our happiness. They can either add to it, or subtract from it! They cannot cause our happiness! They can merely enhance it or diminish it. Recently I had to say goodbye to a person who I had allowed to diminish my happiness for a very long time (just simply by their negative outlook on life). Sure there were times when she enhanced my happiness, but I came to the realization that more often than not she was diminishing it. Which is my fault in the first place because when we got together 10+ years ago I was expecting her to complete my happiness, because I didn’t know then what I know now. I have had a string of relationships where I was going from one to another, expecting them to make me whole and happy. Talk about setting yourself up for disappointment!

In my DMP I had to make a statement of what I would give up in exchange for an aspect of the whole DMP and that line after several revisions became: “I CHOOSE to participate only in relationships which have positive effects on my spiritual growth.” This is only a way of saying, without negative words that I am no longer going to choose to have relationships with people that diminish my happiness. I just hadn’t realized that is exactly what it meant until now. The Divine works in mysterious ways, it was always right there in front of me but it took weeks and more learning through the MKMMA to finally get to the true heart of the matter.

I am overjoyed that he waited so patiently for me, and now I am learning to really listen to the voice within me. Sometimes we have to make hard choices but, I don’t want the man in the glass to call me a bum anymore. I know what I know now, and that is all that I can know. I am perfect for my current state of evolvement, and as long as I continue to evolve and grow that will be true everyday.

Master Key System Week 18 ~BLAAHH!

Sorry guys that’s all I have for you this week. Just blaaahh, old blueprint has been just trying to drag me down this week. I kept wondering what was the matter with me this week, getting my work done but the feeling wasn’t there, no enthusiasm just blaaahh. Tried to write my blog several times and nothing just blaaahh.

So sorry that the cement seems to have gotten wet this week while I had been making huge strides in removing it. But sometimes this is just what happens, just blaaahh. So onto next week and hopefully I will have something better for you. I am determined to live this day as if it’s my last, so blaaahh go away, and I’ll get back to happiness and light!

Master key System Week 17 HJ ~ My Hero’s Journey

Strange to be writing a weekly blog using the title I originally coined for this blogging journey that is the MKMMA. This week we were offered the herald’s call to jump into the abyss and take our own hero’s journey. I personally feel as though I answered this call several years ago and am continuing my journey with the MKMMA as some of the mentors and guides along my way. Things haven’t been easy for the last several years, but at least now I have a clear path and picture of where I want my life to go.

Things are changing in my life seemingly everyday. Sometimes it is as simple as recognizing a moment, and other times things seem to grab hold of me out of nowhere. Take Sundays webbie for example, the quote “Kill the boy, so the man can live” popped into my head so I wrote it down. A little later on, I looked again at that quote and wondered aloud, “maybe that should be, kill the man the world without has created so the child who was created perfectly can live as the Divine wanted him to.”

Powerful thought isn’t it. The Divine wants us to be “as a child” for all our days, yet the world without says, “grow up, pay attention, quit daydreaming, imagination won’t pay your bills, etc.” We have been conditioned by the world without for decades to stop being the very thing the Creator wants us to be, what he gave us life for.

That kind of goes hand in hand with giving ourselves permission to be or do or have. Sunday I wrote out a card for my piles giving myself permission to give up my good for my greater good. This adds onto cards that give me permission to be happy all the days of my life, to be powerful beyond measure, and even permission to be what I will to be. Which leads me to the card that is always stacked as the last card in my deck, it states,”I can be what I will to be: What I will to be is a well-respected, prosperous and prolific fiction writer who’s Honors, Abundance and Power are Educed from his Imagination.”

Last night I was awoken from a sound sleep and had to write down this quote, “Opinions are simply judgements with a sense of entitlement,” I have no idea if this is original or if I heard it somewhere before, but I had been struggling with someone’s opinion from earlier in the day, and this gave me clarity. Afterall everyone thinks they are “entitled to their opinion,” right? The things are happening, we just have to notice them, as always be the vigilant observer!

Master Key System Week 17 ~ Progressions and Permissions

For the last couple weeks we have been adding cards to our piles with the Faith (I have total Faith at this point) that Mark and Davene are building a powerful progression to some unknown end. I will be the first to admit that with my work schedule the way it has been the last few weeks, sometimes I find it hard to remember to write out the “gratitude” and “good things that happen cards” each day. I find things to be grateful for each day naturally ever since I kept a gratitude journal years ago. I just find myself thinking throughout the day of things I am grateful for and saying “thank you” in the moment.

Whatever the end result of this progression is, I already know what it is doing to me overall. I feel more wonderful and happier than ever before and next week I will be out of the hostile negative environment I have been having to deal with throughout the course. I can only imagine how this will help my happiness and positivity bias, as I am no longer on overtime (Yea! no more 60+ hour weeks) so I will have more time AND no more negative environment. I am certain it will be a change with astronomical results! This progression we are building is HUGE I can feel it in my bones.

Last week we gave ourselves permission to be happy. Funny, I have given myself permission for tons of things in my life, but never before to be happy. Permission to have that candy bar even if I was dieting, permission to have that drink even when I knew it wasn’t going to be just one, permission to spend money on something frivolous when I knew I should be saving money. I am sure if you look you will find all kinds of small things you were giving yourself permission to do and be all of your life. But permission to be happy? not me, not ever before.

I wrote out my statement during the webbie and made four cards (I have four piles each banded with a different color rubber-band blue, red, yellow and green). “I give myself permission to be happy all the days of my life.” I was thinking during the week that maybe I needed to give myself permission for other things. The more I thought about it the more I decided I was right! So I gave myself permission to create a few more choice permission statements and add them to my piles. One of them was “I give myself permission to be what I will to be.”

I have made several others but I think you get the point. Perhaps you should give yourself permission for other things as well, and if they are important to your new life maybe make a card stating your permission to yourself so you can remind yourself a few times a day that you now have permission to be, do or have whatever it is that is important to you.

I also created, a few weeks ago an “I can be what I will to be” card that has a very specific statement about my Dharma that begins with “I will to be.” It is different from my 1 sentence DMP because it is VERY specific surrounding just my Bliss. I stack my decks with my 1 sentence DMP on top and my “Will to be” card on the bottom, which usually leads me to read it several times as I shuffle the rest of the pile, before putting the rubber-band back around them.

Master Key System Week 16 ~ States of Consciousness

We are Whole, Perfect, Powerful, Strong, Loving, Harmonious and Happy, this week we were challenged to bring ourselves to a realization that Harmony and Happiness are states of consciousness, which led me to the other characteristics in the affirmation that now constantly rolls through my mind every waking hour.

We also learned about Septimal law or the Law of Sevens. Does it seem strange that there would be Seven parts to the Perfect affirmation?

Lets take a look at each of these affirming statements as they apply to what we were focusing on this week with Happiness and Harmony.

  1. Whole (All, Focused, Undivided, Absolute, Complete, Intact, Unbroken) We know that we are whole. Think, “The Father and I are One.”
  2. Perfect (Faultless, Flawless, Ideal, Immaculate, Seamless, Unblemished) We are nature’s greatest miracle, and the divine cannot create anything that is not perfect. We are all Perfect for our current state of evolement.
  3. Powerful (Influential, Mighty, Significant, Competent, Illustrious, Noteworthy) The cement has made it difficult to see, but we are all, powerful beyond measure, and that is our greatest “_____”
  4. Strong (Rugged, Stalwart, Sturdy, Tough, Energetic,Vigorous, Healthy, Hale) I don’t know about you but I have been through some STUFF!  I know I am strong enough to overcome every obstacle that has been put in my path thus far, and now I know, I am strong enough to overcome anything that the world without throws at me.
  5. Loving (Devoted, Affectionate, Compassionate, Forgiving, Kind, Understanding) I have always been loving, but I have upped my game through the course of the MKMMA experience, how about you? Think, a whole week of Kindness!
  6. Harmonious (Balanced, Congruous, Agreeable, Pleasant, Cohesive, Congenial) Not just about being in harmony with those around you, but also the very cells that make up your body. Where there is Harmony no discord or disease can be present.
  7. Happy (Blissful, Gratified, Joyous, Satisfied, Thankful, Buoyant, Cheerful, Rapt) Do I really have to go over this one, now that you are telling yourself that, you love You, everyday?

All of these represent the Positive conscious states that we can CHOOSE to be in whenever we desire. We know that Positivity consciousness leads to constructive thought, which leads to action, and ultimately to being creative!

For the Second half of this post I will discuss the components of the Negativity Consciousness.

Well, nevermind, any of us who have made it to week Sixteen in the MKMMA have no interest in Negativity anymore, So I won’t waste my time, or yours, listing Negative things. My Positivity Consciousness has no room for Negativity anymore!

Master Key System Week 15 ~ Specifics; Please!

I know one of the passages in this chapter that Mark hammered at us when we were doing our DMP’s over and over and over again, (and in my case over again). 15-20: Is of vital importance as we put together what we desire from the universe and emphasizes the importance of correct wording. It was, however, a later passage that jumped out at me on first read.

The second half of 15-29 glaringly stood out to me and instantly gave me an alternate understanding of perhaps one of the most widely told fables in existence.

“The subconscious cannot reason. It takes us at our word; we have asked for something; we are now to receive it; we have made our bed, we are now to lie in it; the die has been cast; the threads will carry out the pattern we have made.”

As I read this passage, instantly in my mind I connected it to the story of Aladdin and the lamp, but moreover to tales of Genie’s as a whole. Not the Disney ideology of Aladdin, but the parable from old where there Genie was known to be a trickster, or a power to “be careful what you wish for,” in the presence of. Most tales of Genie’s paint them out to be generally of poor or evil intent, they would grant your wishes but they would be far from what you had idealized in your mind.

For example, let’s find a poor fellow wandering the desert and he comes upon a Genie who will grant him 1 wish, to which quickly he replies, “I wish for a chicken.” Because he was thinking it would be great to have fresh, nutritious eggs each day. But upon granting the wish for a chicken, the Genie produced a rooster!

Not at all what he was asking for, but in reality, he asked for a chicken, so the Genie did fulfill his wish, after all a rooster is a chicken! Just not one that would produce the eggs he desired. So the Genie would be seen as a trickster, he took the wish and twisted it so it could not be of real use the way our poor fellow intended.

Or perhaps he wished for a beautiful jewel, thinking he could sell it and live the rest of his days in comfort. Only to have the Genie bless him with a beautiful piece of emerald colored cut glass. Still a beautiful jewel in most people’s minds, but not one of value as he had hoped for.

Again “Be careful what you wish for!” I am beginning to understand that this was probably the origin of that statement, but it was originally meant to convey that we need to be specific in what we asked the universe for and choose those words carefully. Although, in truth it has ended up lost in translation, down through history to mean what it  does today. “Be careful what you wish for.” Don’t reach to high, you might fall.

Now if we look at it through the lens of Haanel, the story changes drastically! The Genie is a metaphor for our own creative powers of the subconscious mind. Which I am convinced was a great deal stronger in ancient times, (but that is a different tale). So the Genie is not a trickster at all; the reality is WE were not accurate in building the architecture of our words and sentences. (Think operator who is inexperienced)

If our poor fellow had asked the Genie for a beautiful and healthy hen that would live a long and prosperous life, laying two, fresh and nutritious eggs each and every day without fail, as long as he lived. Then perhaps he would not have been blessed with a rooster. Or if he had wished for a huge, naturally clear and colorless diamond of 200 carats, the like of which no one had ever beheld before in all history, perhaps he would have been blessed with such a diamond, instead of cut glass.

So by all means, Ask and ye shall receive. But for God’s sake, and yours, be SPECIFIC!