Master Key System Week 24 ~ Ready or not it’s time to Commence

This week is bitter sweet.

For me it is a culmination of actually doing something consistently and with persistence for six whole months. Looking back at my calendar I did my first round of reads on Saturday September 24th 2016; and as Today is Saturday the 25th day of March 2017 that means we have officially passed the six month mark.

What does that mean?

To be honest I am not certain, Mark says it is time for us to commence, which of course means begin. But what will I do without the security of the webbies each Sunday? And the new lessons each week on Saturday? In fact I logged in today and felt sad that there wasn’t a new lesson to print out and begin reading, expanding my adventure a little further.

Will I continue on my own with the reading of Og? Will I go back and review the lessons individually in the coming weeks, essentially retaking the whole course without the MKMMA team by my side? So many questions, but I guess the only answer is to be found in the Master Key System itself.

Part 23 Introduction paragraph 4
“This is the science which embraces all sciences. It is the art which, above all arts, is relevant to human life. In the mastery of this science and this art there is opportunity for unending progression. Perfection in this is not acquired in six days, nor in six weeks, nor in six months. It is a labor of life. Not to go forward is to go backward.”

So there it is! Haanel tells us himself; in the last two sentences of this paragraph what we should do upon commencing tomorrow.

It is a labor of life! And a labor of love I might add!

Not to go forward is to go backward!

Commencement (for me at least) means that I now have the subject of study for the rest of my life. To not go Forward (become a better operator) is to go Backward (lose the tenuous ability we have nurtured to this point with the help of this class).

How apropos that during the week when this very paragraph appeared; (week 23, as you can read in my blog for that week) this profound truth came to me in a Sit.

“Failure is nothing more than a reminder that you need to sharpen your ability to operate the mechanism called mind”

So from now on in addition to giving my time allotment to my writing and the time I give the Creator to guide said writings; I will continue to provide myself time each day to be a continuous, life-long student of the Master Keys. I don’t know about you but I still fail regularly in my attempts at manifesting, and I am never going back to the life I was living standing on the shores of the ‘River of Dreams’ covered in cement.

I promise to spend the rest of my days, cleaning off the remaining cement and perfecting, to the best of my ability, the operation of the mechanism called mind.

I Always Keep My Promises!

Oh! One last thing! Did anyone else pick up on the little prayer at the end of the ‘Two Envelopes’ video Mark provided us with? It is now on a card, and kept with my DMP to be read three times each day. (I did change some of the wording to fit my own style, but it still has the same message)

Okay you asked nicely! I will share it with you.

“Divine creator of the Universe, Please hear my prayer: I ask today not for more riches, but for more wisdom with which I promise to accept and use wisely the wealth you so graciously blessed me with at the moment of my birth in the form of the power to direct my own mind to design and construct whatever life I desire. I love you! Thank you!”

To all of my classmates thank you! For you have influenced my journey as well!

Let’s Commence! Shall We?


Master Key System Week 23 ~ Failure?

This past week as I came out of a Sit, I was struck with this phrase and had to right it down; “Failure is nothing more than a reminder that you need to sharpen your ability to operate the mechanism called mind.”

BAM! How is that for hitting you between the eyes? I have always struggled with failure, mainly because of my lack of ability to see it in a less personal manner and let it go. I would dwell on a failure for periods of time after, and guess what that brings?

“Many are constantly concentrating upon sorrow, loss and discord of every kind: as thought is creative it necessarily follows that this concentration inevitably leads to more loss, more sorrow and more discord. How could it be otherwise?” Haanel: Part 23-10

Ever heard the expression that bad things happen in threes? Could that be because after we have experienced a loss we dwell on loss and bring it into our lives two more times, through our thoughts before we decide enough is enough, and as my Grandmother use to say “Pull up our bootstraps.” Changing our thought patterns now that three things had happened and allowing ourselves to get back to more positive thoughts, would bring an end to it and restore our equilibrium.

I have experienced this many times in my life until a few years ago when I decided to always look on the bright-side, to find the silver lining in every situation, if you will. It is not always easy either, although much easier now that I have been through 23 weeks of teaching myself to think more positively more consistently. Since then I have never experienced bad things happening in threes.

I have still struggled with letting go of even minor failures and bad decisions though, until this quote hit me. It gives me permission to see any failure in a detached light; it is simply the universe reminding me I need to get better at controlling my thoughts, nothing more, and nothing less. So now when I have a failure pop up, I know what to do, let it go and let God teach. Have a Sit and think on how I can use my mind better next time so as to become a better operator of the mechanism we call mind.

Another thing that hit me just earlier today as I was reading part 23:

“We make money by making friends, and we enlarge our circle of friends by making money for them, by helping them, by being of service to them.” Haanel: Part 23-3

BABOOM! Many of us are Network Marketers, is this not THE definition of network marketing? At least for those of us who are out there to help others? Not the guys who care about nothing but the dollar. You know the ones; they throw mud on the walls just to see what sticks, spend hours on the phone each month making sure their “people” place their orders, and wonder why no matter how hard they work their checks seem to fluctuate every month. I definitely know a few like that, and if you have been around the industry for awhile you probably do to.

I had to call one of my marketing buddies as soon as that line sunk in. This is what we have always been after, being in service to help others make the money they want to make. It blew him away too when I told him where I got it from. See he thought it was from one of the guys online that are always hocking their next “system.” He couldn’t believe it when I told him it was written over a hundred years ago long before network marketing was even a thought in someone’s mind.

So from now on I will see failure as a reminder to sharpen my ability to control my own mind and know that being in service to others will enable me to build teams that build teams without me!

Oh and I will also spend more time Blissfully Basking in the Awareness that I am Powerful Beyond Measure. Thank you Mark, D and the whole MKMMA team! My life has been truly changed!

Master Key System Week 22A ~ Looking Back

This week, being a week to become self directed, I had already begun to go back through some of the old lessons here and there as an extra sit, so this week I decided to go all the way back to lesson 2. Does anyone remember that one?

Only our second exercise for the Sit, we were challenged to quiet our minds, to push all thoughts out for as long as we could. Surprisingly when I did this on Sunday night, I had quite the chatter going on! Nowhere near what it was like during that first week, but I thought I had become better than that at controlling my thoughts and being the observer. As my Sit progressed I realized something was different, instead of the thought getting most of the way complete before managing to shut it down, I was almost anticipating the thought beginning and shutting it down almost as fast as the first word appeared in my mind.

I guess I have gotten much better at being the observer, I have noted, not only in catching and shutting down thoughts, but I also notice I am recognizing thoughts that don’t seem to come from me and freely allowing these to form and dissipate as they may. Such a strange contrast to the first time I did this exercise; when I could barely make it a second or two without consciously holding my breath, which of course was a thought process and had to be released. By the end of that week I remember thinking how far I had come in only seven days, being a “sufferer” of what some call Adult ADHD, my mind had always been in motion, to actually shut it completely down for stretches of 6-10 seconds at a time was amazing.

But that was then, this is now; after 20 more weeks of spending time in the world within, I can shut down the chatter in my mind at will and focus wherever I desire to place it. Not only that but I have caught myself being the observer almost constantly over what I allow myself to think. Now when I Sit, I have noticed the difference between the voice of my thoughts, and those of inspiration, the difference is so subtle it is no wonder for 40+ years I never knew if the Divine was truly reaching out to me or not.

Feeling in control and being the “Watchmen at the gate,” finding myself in constant observation of my thoughts is a wondrous feeling. I know that our fast-paced, microwave World Without keeps us focused on a thousand things at once; but to shut it all down, and find that in the Silence, I truly am in control of a mind. This brings me to an understanding that MY Mind is a Center of Divine operation, and places me into a Harmony that I have never known before.

Even in the Chaos that is this World Without, I can instantly find peace, calm, serenity and focus to bring myself into alignment with the Divine Creator, and that is the only place I truly care to be.

I have long thought that the ancients had a far better grasp on the use of mind, and were able to control it more than we today can even fathom. I can only imagine what we could accomplish, what we could imagine, conceive, control, if only we had the time to spend in the World Within every day, without the distractions of today. Living like the Ancients with no phones, radios, internet, no distractions and all the Silence we could possibly want. Who knows what we could come up with?

I guess I will have more perspective on that after I spend my 3 days in total silence in early April!

Master Key System Week 22 ~ Challenges

This week the team brought out the challege for us to spend DAYS in silence. I love this idea, but it is difficult to find the time and as I am trying to remain as silent as possible it is alarming how much I actually speak aloud to myself.

I am going to set a time to do at least 3 days of Silence in earlt April, but between now and then I am going to spend as much time in Silence as possible. My work, which keeps me on the road for 10 or more days at a time provides me a lot of silent time if I can remember to keep my Piehole shut and use my phones only for work, or for writing ablog post like I am doing right now.

Other challenges come into our lives all the time just like scroll 6 has told us about our emotions. Being on the road, while it gives me time to be silent, also leaves me at a disadvantage for the class and for spending time with my eight year old son. While figuring out how to do things on my phone that I would have done before on my laptop connected to Wi-fi, instead of sometimes spotty 4G service for webbies etc. Can be super stressful, and leaves me wanting to be of help in the march to 3K, (I can bately do a blog on a pho e much less deal with an autoresponder and landing pages and list building. I would love to do all these things as they would help me in my MLM, but alas they will have to wait until the finances are better for getting more dependable internet I can run my laptop on.

These are just challenges, I wull overcone them because I know niw that nothing will keep me from my dream…..NOTHING!

Perhaps I can find another way to help grow the MKMMA, afterall I don’t care if I make money from spreading it, I believe this course should be available to anyone who will benefit from it. I am in awe of what I can see as a future for this world if we begin teaching millions of men women and children to embrace the world within and grow their own abilities to manifest whatever their heart desires.


Master Key System Week 21 ~ Short and Sweet

I know some of my blog posts can be a little, well, long winded. So I am taking a different approach this week, Short and Sweet.

I am not sure if it is the beautiful spring weather, or just more of the old blueprint trying to get my dander up. I seem to have an inordinate amount of situations popping up that challenge me to be kind, grateful, and loving so I came up with a new saying to help.

Whenever I feel my love and kindness challenged by a person or thing I simply say to myself, “God loves you so I have to!” With as much enthusiasm and feeling as I can muster.

Try it! It works wonders for me, and remember God loves you and so do I. Even if you are challenging my kindness.

Master Key System Week 20 ~ Brownies and Crumbs

This week’s webbie brought out in my mind this song by Garth Brooks; it is a song most people probably no nothing about simply because it wasn’t released on the radio. When Mark was talking about the timelines and death it just made an instant comparison in my subby. So I thought I would share it with you here.

Pay attention to the words, particularly the chorus: “There’s two dates in time that they’ll carve on your stone, and everyone knows what they mean, what’s more important is the time that is known in that little dash there in between.”

Now that you have had a chance to listen to that, I will get to the brownies and crumbs. This week Hannel challenged us in our exercise to: “Realize clearly that we are made in his image and likeness; and the only difference is one of degree, that the part must be the same in kind and quality as the whole.”

In my Sit’s I seek to clarify and simplify these statements, to make them more relatable to myself and seek inspiration and guidance as to the deeper meaning. Not only as it applies to my life but also how I can relate it to others in their lives. This is what I came up with this week.
Brownies and Crumbs. Much like my blog about water droplets several weeks ago, I was trying to understand how I related to the Divine, and to others that are fortunate enough to share this existence no matter how short it is.

My mind settled into concentration of being a part of the whole; and being the same in kind and quality. Brownies is what popped into my head! HMMM! Brownies, how can they be related to this Sit or am I just hungry? Since I don’t eat brownies anymore I know it wasn’t because of hunger.So I let my thought take flight with Brownies as a new primary focus for the problem I was seeking an answer to.

If the Brownie is the whole and we set this creamy, indulgent, chocolaty, sugary treat on a nice white plate and then break of a small piece, well a crumb to be more exact, and set it down next to the whole brownie on the plate. We now have a Brownie and a crumb of said brownie. So if we were to eat only the crumb, would it be any less of a creamy, indulgent, chocolaty, sugary treat? NO absolutely not! Just because we removed the crumb from the whole doesn’t mean it becomes dry and tasteless. Does it? It just changes the size, or degree of it’s relation to the whole.

Now most of us big people would scoff at eating just a crumb from a brownie. I mean it’s not even a bite! But to an Ant the crumb would be a whole complete brownie! One that was just as tasty as the whole. So now if we imagine ourselves as the crumb and realize that the Divine is the Brownie…….

Are we truly any less Creative, Loving, or Kind that the Divine? NO! We are the same in kind and quality, the only difference is one of degree! (size) We are simply not omnipresent, His size and reach is simply more infinite, and immeasurable than ours! He pervades every electron of every atom. Every breath we breathe contains atoms and electrons, every morsel of food we power our bodies with. We are a part of that whole!

But as a crumb, society has taught us to be distant, and to not be in Harmonious contact with the Divine mind. With the MKMMA we are learning how to draw ourselves into Harmony with the Source of all good. Or as I like to think of it, we are placing the crumb back onto the brownie so there is nowhere that the Divine (Brownie) begins and we (Crumbs) end; and we know already that the inverse of that is true as well. There is nowhere that the Crumbs begin and the Brownie ends.

Master Key System Week 19 ~ Additions and Subtractions

A few weeks ago we were challenged by Mark and the MKMMA team to ask ourselves, “What am I pretending not to know?” For me it took a while before I really came to an answer on this, and imagine this, it came to me in a SIT!

What I was pretending not to know is this: I only need my own love for myself and God’s love to be Truly Happy!

You see for me that is an epiphany, I realized I knew this when I was a child, but somewhere in my teen years it got lost. I started to think my happiness was hinged on someone else completing me. Another human being in the world without was going to make me happy? Where do you suppose I got that horrible idea from? The river of dreams maybe?

I know the Divine loves me and always has. I have spent a very long time with my back turned to him, thinking if he loved me why did bad things happen. Then a few years ago I came to the understanding that it was my decisions not the will of God that caused my heartaches and pain. I then started to open myself up to him again and what do you know, he was still there waiting patiently shining his light and love on me for those long 20+ years! That is love, unconditional love, knowing that he waited patiently for me to be ready to love him and seek his love again. I am speechless, I am more than capable of love and I have been fortunate in my life to have loved and lost and loved again, but I have never been capable of that kind of love before. Truly unconditional, knowing that he was the one who gave me the free will to decide my own fate and all he could do was wait and hope that I started to get it right somewhere in the future. WOW! It just blows me away!

So that brings me to additions and subtractions; In a SIT this week it came to me that every person we CHOOSE to have a relationship with, (Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Lover, Friend, Associate) Can do only one of two things with regards to our happiness. They can either add to it, or subtract from it! They cannot cause our happiness! They can merely enhance it or diminish it. Recently I had to say goodbye to a person who I had allowed to diminish my happiness for a very long time (just simply by their negative outlook on life). Sure there were times when she enhanced my happiness, but I came to the realization that more often than not she was diminishing it. Which is my fault in the first place because when we got together 10+ years ago I was expecting her to complete my happiness, because I didn’t know then what I know now. I have had a string of relationships where I was going from one to another, expecting them to make me whole and happy. Talk about setting yourself up for disappointment!

In my DMP I had to make a statement of what I would give up in exchange for an aspect of the whole DMP and that line after several revisions became: “I CHOOSE to participate only in relationships which have positive effects on my spiritual growth.” This is only a way of saying, without negative words that I am no longer going to choose to have relationships with people that diminish my happiness. I just hadn’t realized that is exactly what it meant until now. The Divine works in mysterious ways, it was always right there in front of me but it took weeks and more learning through the MKMMA to finally get to the true heart of the matter.

I am overjoyed that he waited so patiently for me, and now I am learning to really listen to the voice within me. Sometimes we have to make hard choices but, I don’t want the man in the glass to call me a bum anymore. I know what I know now, and that is all that I can know. I am perfect for my current state of evolvement, and as long as I continue to evolve and grow that will be true everyday.